Purdue University – Smith Hall

CHALLENGE: Smith Hall at Purdue University was using inefficient air handling equipment, which was contributing to energy waste and greater air handling maintenance for the institution. With the building’s air handling system draining time and money, the university realized a change had to be made. Purdue selected Air Enterprises’ low leakage air handling units to serve Smith Hall.

SOLUTION: The biggest challenge was that air handling equipment for the institution had to be transported to an area with limited access. Air Enterprises used its SiteBilt® solution to assemble the Smith Hall air handling unit on site, allowing the university to avoid costly construction and subsequent downtime.

The entire 6,800 CFM Air Enterprises unit was moved through a standard man door, assembled on site and tested, all within a four-day period — a prime example of the efficiency and experience demonstrated by Air Enterprises in air handling for institutions. The unit also passed all final tests.

RESULTS: The success of the Air Enterprises installation was a stark contrast to the knockdown, site-assembled air handling units that the university had purchased in the past. By choosing Air Enterprises, the client drastically reduced leakage from its air handling system, saved on energy, remodeling and maintenance costs and minimized downtime for students and staff.