Air Handling -SiteBilt® 

Air Enterprises has been performing on-site assembly of custom air handling units for more than 40 years, and we leverage that experience into every project. In addition to offering high-quality, FactoryBilt® units, we give all of our clients the option to complete on-site assembly and installation of their custom air handling unit. Like our FactoryBilt® product, SiteBilt® air handling solutions are engineered for the highest level of quality and performance.

But many of our clients need to install their custom air handling units in tight spaces with limited access. This is easy and convenient with our SiteBilt® product.

How SiteBilt® works

SiteBilt® AHUs and ERVs make air handling unit installation simple in tight, “inaccessible” spaces and are ideal for replacement or retrofit applications. SiteBilt® can incorporate existing columns, beams and wind-bracing into the AHU design, our SiteBilt® process optimizes available mechanical space through on-site assembly. SiteBilt® subassemblies are made of lightweight aluminum, allowing for easy transport through doorways, hallways and elevators for simplified installation.

Benefits of using SiteBilt® include:

  • Simplified rigging and installation
  • Little-to-no building modification
  • Flexibility in design
  • Minimal disruption and downtime
  • Maximized mechanical space

Forget all misconceptions about field-built or stick-built air handling, With SiteBilt® no other solution comes close. Contact us to learn more about SiteBilt® custom air handling units.

Low Risk– All Air Enterprises Field Service Advisors are OSHA 30 certified, ensuring the safest installation possible.osha_logo