Air Handling Units

Air Enterprises’ air handling units provide for the lowest leakage rates in the industry and the most sustainable air handling unit construction on the market.

  • Energy savings from low leakage casing and maximized fan efficiencies
  • Lower operation costs from uninterrupted service and reduced maintenance
  • Longevity through solutions designed to last the life of your facility

All Air Enterprises air handling units are constructed of recyclable aluminum, supporting LEED and other green initiatives for a healthier planet. Each of our air handling units is also designed and warrantied to last the life of your building, providing a truly sustainable and cost-saving solution.

  • Energy Efficiency and Green Commitment
    Air Enterprises solutions are leading the charge in high efficiency, low CO2, life cycle reduction. Utilizing best in the industry practices, leading subsystems, NEMA premium efficiency motors, high efficiency fans, low pressure drop filtration, low leakage casings and many more features make us a natural choice.