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 We care about total cost not just our price to you. 

KyotoCooling is simple, easily understood and incredibly efficient. No other systems comes close. We have proven results, a huge installed base and the fastest growing solution. The right start to a good relationship.

  • We separate supply and return air and utilize a patented, 90% efficient air to air cooling system to reject heat, with minimal energy expenditure.
  • We provide 100% backup cooling for elimination of risk.
  • We control and adapt automatically to changes in temperature inside and outside the data hall, all without operator intervention.
  • We provide 24/7 support, monitoring and response.

Typical price per ton comparisons ignore the total cost – the sum of capital cost and operating cost. With KyotoCooling, we care about your total cost, not just our upfront price. It is the smart thing to do.

Invariably, it starts with simple metrics and the question, “what is the cost of KyotoCooling?” Not only are we highly completitive, but we are game changing when integrated design and construction teams include the real cost install and operate a data center cooling solution.

KyotoCooling has a remarkable impact on the entire data center.

  • Net white space increases as CRACs and CRAHs are removed.
  • Total building size is reduced.
  • Trenching is eliminated.
  • Water infrastructure is eliminated.
  • Project time is reduced.
  • Control development and test are eliminated.
  • Test and balance are eliminated.
  • Electrical installation is reduced.
  • Commissioning is shortened.
  • Raised floor is now optional.
  • Risk is reduced.

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