Eliminating Mission Critical Failure

More than 50 percent of facility failures are people related. When systems are complex, failure can be an unfortunate outcome. Simplicity is a good place to start to reduce this risk. We have gone to great lengths to keep our system simple, avoiding complexity in design and selection. Best practice design utilizes technology to help reduce human error and identify and manage issues automatically and continuously. Our systems are always working to adapt to changing operating circumstances and logging data, and escalating key issues to keep the data center operating efficiently and saely. That’s smart.

We take the guesswork out of running mission-critical cooling. Instrumentation provides a 360-degree view of the total cooling system. Autopilot controls keep things operating smoothly. Our control systems are based on object-oriented design and run in a Java environment utilizing certified contol objects that have been OEM tested. We speak all major protocols to integrate into client building management systems, including Bacnet, Modbus, Obix, Lon, IP and SNMP. That’s smart.

Each KyotoCooling® solution has smart subsystems that continue operation independent of any unit control failure. KyotoCooling® systems have no single point of failure that can affect more than 50 percent of unit capacity. KyotoCooling® cells are tough to kill. That’s smart. KyotoCooling® is a complete solution. Our controls are best in class. Control is just smart.

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