Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

When total site cost is analyzed, KyotoCooling® consistently yields net overall project cost reduction. Building envelopes shrink, build costs are reduced, capital is conserved and operating costs are lower. This requires analysis – not a superficial cost per ton comparison but a detailed review. Every time this has been done, we have delivered significantly lower total cost of ownership.

For 92 percent of the land surface of the planet, the operational cost with KyotoCooling® is lower than that of alternative designs. We achieve better than 90 percent efficiency in economization without resorting to elevated supply temperatures or unreasonable return temperature assumptions. This results in significant operational savings over the lifecycle; future proofing the data center and decision making for large capital builds.

Low maintenance for KyotoCooling® has been relentlessly engineered through smart system design by using long life filters, dynamic predictive filter change monitoring, vibration detection, power monitoring, direct drive motors, no single point of failure controls and self adaptive automatic autopilot controls. No other system has higher mean time between failures (MTBF).

We wrote the book on containment control systems for mission critical cooling. Our controls are proven across hundreds of locations. All KyotoControls are code consistent and have been stable since release, so there is no need to invent a new solution for your needs.

KyotoCooling® is the most installed, longest running new generation cooling system on the market, with millions more operating hours and years more production experience.

Our performance specs are backed by client data from five continents and all types of climate zones. Performance calculations are useful, but without real life data, they are just projections. Allow us to share our experience with you.

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