Little Rock, AR (PRWEB) May 8th, 2014: Air Enterprises, the Leading All-aluminum Custom Air Handling Manufacturer, Exhibits Hygienic and Sustainable Solutions Ideal for Healthcare Facilities

Minimizing Risk of Contamination Through Hygienically Designed Air Handling Solutions; Air Enterprises and Engineered Mechanical Equipment To Be Presented at the 2014 Arkansas Association for Healthcare Engineering (ASHE) Annual Meeting

As one of three presenters, Air Enterprises is excited to participate in the 2014 Arkansas Association for Healthcare Engineering Meeting (ASHE) on Thursday, May 8th geared towards educating the industry in the latest advances in Alarm Management, Combating the Spread of Infectious Disease, and Healthcare HVAC Operational Sustainability.

Healthcare environments need air handling that meets the highest standards of contamination prevention, sustainability, and operation. Air Enterprises helps healthcare facilities meet or exceed these requirements by providing:

  •     Contamination prevention through wash down accessible equipment
  •     Efficient economization with energy recovery
  •     All-aluminum construction
  •     On-site assembly for minimized downtime via SiteBilt®
  •     Total lowest cost of ownership 

About Air Enterprises

Air Enterprises designs, engineers and manufactures custom air handling solutions to meet any system configuration or space requirement. The Company has special expertise across many industries, including automotive, data centers, healthcare, industrial, pharmaceutical, and educational markets. With 50 years of application experience and a focus on energy savings and sustainability, Air Enterprises partners with the client to deliver the most efficient solution at the lowest total cost.

Air Enterprises has partnered with the some of the most distinguished healthcare facilities in the world including the Cleveland Clinic, Johns Hopkins, Massachusetts General Hospital and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

For more information about Air Enterprises’ Presentation at the 2014 Arkansas Association for Healthcare Engineering Meeting contact:

Glenn Swartz
330.794.9770 Ext. 206