KyotoCooling® Provides Effective Data Center Cooling 

Do you wish you could save up to 80 percent on your data center cooling costs? Air Enterprises’ KyotoCooling® provides the most reliable, energy-efficient, flexible data center cooling solution on the market. View brochure.

Available in prefabricated units or SiteBilt, KyotoCooling is ideal for gallery applications, roof mounted, retrofits and new construction–your data center will have the benefit of:

  • Safe, low risk air handling
    KyotoCooling provides mission-critical, water-free cooling with unparalleled levels of reliability, efficiency and modularity for data centers. Our safe solution eliminates the costs and risks associated with contaminants and humidity to give owners greater peace of mind.
  • Increased efficiency
    KyotoCooling uses the world’s most efficient air-to-air transfer technology — the patented KyotoWheel™. KyotoWheel provides 90 percent efficiency in heat rejection for data centers, with no single point of failure and reliable multicell control.
  • Better scalability
    KyotoCooling units are modular and scalable, allowing data centers to maintain efficiency at partial loads. As your data center’s cooling needs change, capital can also be deployed in lockstep with business growth and IT infrastructure without large upfront investments.
  • An integrated cooling solution
    Air Enterprises provides an integrated, central management platform that gives you detailed statistical data, trend reporting and a single point of oversight for data center cooling.

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KyotoCooling® US PATENT 7,753,766 B2