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Air Enterprises, the leader in custom engineered air handling and energy efficient solutions, utilizes energy recovery wheel technology in its KyotoCooling®, Thermodry®, FactoryBilt® and SiteBilt® products.  “Quality, not Compromises” is in our DNA—that is why we have selected Thermotech Enterprises’ Thermowheel® as our exclusive energy recovery wheel.


Thermotech Thermowheel® 

Born out of fixing competitors’ wheel failures, Thermotech Enterprises responded to customer’s needs by developing and patenting (US PAT 6,422,299) the most dependable and durable heat recovery wheel.  In fact, their first wheel – manufactured in 1985 – is still in operation today.


How Thermotech Thermowheel® works


Thermotech Enterprises’ Thermowheel® is the latest technology in rotary air-to-air heat exchangers. By replacing conventional heat recovery wheels with high-performing energy recovery ventilation (ERV), Thermowheel® completely transforms and optimizes outdoor air exchange in your HVAC system, allowing for greater energy recovery.

IN THE SUMMER: Thermowheel® rotates through the opposing airstreams and transfers energy contained in return air to the supply air, making it cooler and dryer. The cooled, dry air is now the supply air that enters the cooling coils and lowers the need for cooling capacity.

IN THE WINTER: The opposite occurs. Thermowheel® transfers energy from the return air to the supply air, making it warm and wetter, reducing the need for heating capacity.

In both cases, Thermowheel® Energy Recovery Ventilation enhances indoor air quality (IAQ) while dramatically lowering your facility’s energy costs.


Benefits of Thermowheel®

With Thermowheel® clients can typically expect:

  • 75 percent annual return on investment
  • 33 percent reduction in heating/cooling tonnage
  • Payback in 15 months or less

You’ll also benefit from Thermowheel’s:

    • Simple installation process
    • Zero-failure design and construction
    • 10-year parts and labor warranty


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