Energy Efficient

Energy Efficiency Second to None 

KyotoCooling® Raises the bar on energy efficiency with the widest range of economization hours for any mission critical cooling system at any temperature.  The KyotoCooling® Series100 far exceeds ASHRAE 90.1 – the industry standard for energy efficiency in cooling equipment. By using KyotoCooling®, you can ensure that your data center well surpasses industry standards to position your organization as an industry-leader in environmentally friendly and cost-effective cooling. The KyotoCooling® Wheel is a single thermal transfer process. As such it suffers none of the inefficiencies of multiple coil/fan transfers such as in other economization systems including pumped refrigerant. Losses in those systems are additive. By utilizing a single medium and avoiding liquid to substrate to air transfer we minimize approach and maximize hours achieving the highest possible transfer efficiency and effectiveness. This nets to more hours of economization and more real dollars saved annually.


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Series 100 Brochure
Energy Efficiency Brochure