Smarter Cooling for Data Centers

KyotoCooling® — A simple, elegant, integrated design, improved through continuous product advancement and millions of operating hours, is lower risk than a system composed of parts and controls brought together for the first time by a vendor. Simplicity eliminates operational mistakes. Autopilot controls and no single point of failure design mean reduced impacts of any foreseeable event. Simple is good, and we think it’s smart.

  • Smart energy: Lowest PUE in the industry saving 100s of millions of KWh of energy per data center.
  • Smart water: Waterless with lowest WUE, saving 10s of millions of gallons of water per KyotoCooling® unit installed.
  • Smart carbon: Lowest CUE, equivalent to 10s of thousands of fewer cars on the road per KyotoCooling® unit installed.
  • Smart business: Why should a cooling system not have a strong business case? We believe that the cooling system exists to serve the business, and therefore, it has to bring value in function, environmental impact, capital cost and operating cost. We affect all four of these core values in significantly positive ways.
  • Smart manufacturing: We make equipment that lasts. All-aluminum construction means a life expectancy of 40 years or longer for panel systems and 25-plus years for our wheels. We guarantee the lowest leakage rate in the industry for the life of the unit. Continuous welded corners, best-in-class subcomponents, lowest MTBF and fastest MTTR are standard attributes.
    That’s just smart.
  • Smart control: No cooling system has a more sophisticated, more proven control system for mission-critical data centers. We have 360-degree visibility, logging, escalation logic, alerts and autopilot controls. The simple, intuitive HTML graphical interface is fully operational, ready and proven in sites around the world for years of solid production use.
  • Smart support: We have your back with 24/7 monitoring, help desk and escalation management. We chart, trend and monitor system health using secure VPN connections to provide immediate support to onsite staff.

We are the lowest-risk solution. We reduce time to install cooling systems by eliminating thermal intake planning, conserving capital and reducing operating costs. We are a redeployable, moveable, long-term capital asset. We qualify for energy-related grants, loans and offsets. We keep your capital investment safe by supporting tomorrow’s IT and temperature requirements. That’s smart.

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