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Data Center Cooling: BendBroadband Vault

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BendBroadband Vault has been receiving a lot of recognition as a result of its partnership with KyotoCooling. The company, which employs full Kyoto Controls™ integration into its data center management, was awarded the Uptime Institute’s Tier III Certification of Constructed Facility. This recognition followed the Tier III Design Certification it received from the institute in March. In addition, it received an Innovation Award from the Environmental Center of Bend as part of the 2011 Sustainability Awards and achieved LEED Gold status under the LEED 2009 Building Design and Construction rating system.

“This was a monumental achievement and one that we had been working toward since the initial concept stage of the facility,” said Leonard Weitman, the Vault’s vice president of technical operations. “Achieving LEED Gold status put the Vault in the upper echelon of data centers as one of only five data centers in the world to attain this level.”

10-year lifecycle KWh saved: 140 million KWh 10-year lifecycle operational savings: 10 million-plus
10-year lifecycle water conserved: 39 million gallons 10-year lifecycle CO2 reduction: 84,515 tons  Equivalent to 15,946 cars


While LEED Certification is an indicator of a company’s environmental commitment, the bigger concern for the data center owner/operator is energy consumption. “Data centers traditionally haven’t been very energy efficient, and they’ve rightly been tagged as energy hogs,” said Weitman. “As far as efficiency or green, the true measure is the power you’re consuming.”

Bob Mobach, of Green Building Council, backs up the success the Vault has achieved by installing KyotoCooling® units.

85% Free Cooling 1.08 Annual Mechanical PUE


“The premise underlying this is that a ratified and optimized design with controls can achieve levels of quality control and repeatability,” he said. “This is in addition to the optimization that comes from years of continuous improvement as a complete product, solution, development and research effort.”  Learn more about KyotoCooling® technology.