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Hewlett-Packard’s new Streetsville data center in Mississauga, Canada, is a first for the company. It is HP’s first data center to use KyotoCooling® and the associated “Kyoto Wheel™ heat exchanger for its primary cooling. The cutting-edge technology reduces the need for mechanical cooling by transferring heat to the outside air stream through an energy recovery wheel heat exchanger.

10-year lifecycle KWh saved:
294 million KWh    
   10-year lifecycle operational savings:
$32 million
10-year lifecycle water conserved:
95 million gallons    
   10-year lifecycle CO2 reduction:
177,481 tons Equivalent to fewer 33,487 cars

HP has made it a priority to reduce the energy used by its network of data centers. With more than 100 client-serving data centers worldwide and six internal data centers in the United States, the Kyoto Wheel™ is helping it achieve that goal. There is a growing customer demand for data services managed by HP’s trade data centers. As a result, building, retrofitting and operating highly energy-efficient data centers and consolidating existing facilities is very important — typical data centers consume 20 to 40 times as much energy per square foot than offices.

96% Free Cooling 1.09 Annual Average Mechanical PUE


The facility is the largest trade data center implementation of KyotoCooling® in North America and incorporates full Kyoto Controls™ integration into its data center management center. In addition, the KyotoCooling® units support full 30KVA/cabinet load density.

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