Air Handling Solutions

Air Enterprises offers FactoryBilt® and SiteBilt® custom sustainable air handling solutions tailored to fit your needs. Unit evaluations and energy calculations are provided to give your organization hard data and strategies for using more sustainable, greener air handling units and energy recovery systems.

Some popular applications for Air Enterprises’ air handling solutions include:

  • Make-up air
  • Rooftop
  • Economizer
  • Energyrecovery systems
  • Recirculation and exhaust air
  • Desiccant dehumidification systems (for all types of filtration)

Advanced System Design

Unique to Air Enterprises’ air handling system design is an emphasis on the relationship of unit components to each other, along with fan effects. Designed into every air handling solution, Air Enterprises provides proper component spacing to eliminate the problems found in conventional air handling systems.

Benefits of Air Enterprises engineering include:

  • Reduced system effects
  • Improved operating efficiency
  • Optimum component performance

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