AHU Architecture

Brilliant air handling architecture is the SMART choice

For 50 years we have been building long lasting air handlers with unfailing quality in a 100% repeatable way because we started with a highly flexible, well thought-out physical design & panel system that creates the architectural foundation of our units. We solved quality by engineering it into our AHU and making the design flexible with exacting tolerances whether assembled in factory or in the field.

  • Low Leakage – Low TCO 
    Our construction method ensures that air handlers operate at the lowest leakage levels in the business. We design at less that 0.5 percent leakage air volume at peak airflow while at 15 inches water column. Double knife-edge opposing seals, butyl sealant and expanded infill result in a perfect sealing system against leakage and energy loss. High quality insulation accompanied by chemical and mechanical fasteners are used throughout. Integrated thermal break construction provides ideal condensation control.  Low leakage means lowest total cost of ownership.
  • Custom Sizing – Flexible Designs
    Our construction method allows us to make units that fit a site and situation precisely. We routinely design and fabricate units that other manufacturers won’t consider due to challenging site conditions. Every Air Enterprises’ air handler is custom designed for your optimal needs. Custom shipping splits allow us to construct and ship units up to 400,000 CFM.  Unit size flexibility means lowest first cost capital.
  • Exacting Tolerances – Flexible Deployment
    Air Enterprises unique use of custom joining extrusions to align and fasten wall panels creates tight adherence to tolerance inherently whether assembled in the factory, in the field or remotely. The extrusions guarantee seamless fitment regardless of the site conditions, resulting in repeatability. This tight tolerance ensures that double sealed custom doors and access panels fit and operate with trouble-free precision and long-life expectancy. It is the basis of our ability to assemble as each unique project requires – via FactoryBilt® or SiteBilt® with capabilities to deploy anywhere in the world, reducing shipping costs, taxes and import duties.
  • A Solid Foundation – Designed for Life
    Like the foundation of a building, the base is the beginning of the structural integrity of our units.  Self supporting design,continuously welded all aluminum bases with integrated vapor barrier, advanced insulation and individual washout drains ensure extremely long life span and reduced risk to the building envelope. No penetrations are made through the base and sections are curbed. When you place an Air Enterprises air handler on your roof, you have a reliable leak proof roof-on-roof construction that is second to none in quality.