Manufacturing Case Study

Allison Transmission Heat Treat Plant Air Handling

CHALLENGE: Allison Transmission encountered significant challenges in air handling for one of its manufacturing facilities. The company wanted to replace the air handling equipment serving a heat treat plant that produced hybrid transmissions for the U.S. military. However, the environment for the air handling units was caustic, causing galvanized steel units to degrade and lose performance.

The high corrosiveness of the plant motivated Allison to pursue a more sustainable material for its air handling unit — aluminum. Yet another challenge in replacing the air handling unit in the heat treat plant was limited access. Part of the installation had to be factory fabricated, then transported on site through a small 4’x4’ opening in the roof. This prompted the company to partner with Air Enterprises.

SOLUTION: Air Enterprises’ custom all-aluminum air handling units were the perfect solution for Allison’s air handling facility. Because of the site’s limited access, Allison elected to install the sustainable air handling equipment utilizing the SiteBilt® process for part of the project. Air Enterprises helped install air handling for the manufacturing facility by supervising and executing field tests to ensure the highest-quality performance for the client.

RESULTS: Air Enterprises was able to successfully install all air handling units for the client. The air handling solution also passed all tests and met all performance requirements — including achieving a leakage rate of less than 0.5 percent.