The Allstate Corporation, Northbrook, Ill.

Allstate Insurance 

CHALLENGE: Allstate Insurance faced several challenges when selecting air handling systems for its commercial office during a building renovation. First, access to the installation site was limited to a small access elevator, so it was not be possible to purchase a standard, preassembled air handling unit.

In addition to limited access, Allstate had to consider the effect of a coastal environment. Because the air handling system would be subjected to heavy marine moisture for a majority of the year, there was a significant risk for corrosion and degradation with a typical steel air handling unit – which only lasts five to ten years in corrosive atmospheres.

Allstate case study

SOLUTION: Allstate selected Air Enterprises’ SiteBilt all-aluminum air handling units as the most effective choice for air handling for its commercial office space. The air handling system was carried into the building component by component and assembled under the oversight of Air Enterprises’ experienced field supervisors.

RESULTS: By choosing an all-aluminum air handling system, which is resistant to the saltwater air, Allstate found a long-term solution for its commercial office building. The air handling unit installed by Air Enterprises passed all leakage and deflection tests, leaving the owner extremely satisfied. Allstate can also expect its air handling unit to last a minimum of 40 years, ensuring a positive return on its investment.