Technology Case Study

Boeing Air Handling

CHALLENGE: Boeing had significant challenges to consider when choosing an air handling system in its extended positioning plant. The air handling units required were specified to withstand uncommonly high static pressures and have guaranteed maximum leakage of 0.5 percent. Although the installation was inside, the location of Boeing’s plant posed significant risks for rust and corrosion of the air handling unit, as it would be subjected to coastal air. Galvanized units would not survive more than five to ten years in this kind of environment. Only one manufacturer offered to supply the air handling unit — Air Enterprises.

SOLUTION: Air Enterprises provided Boeing with a custom all-aluminum air handling unit that was resistant to the corrosive saltwater air. The unit was also designed to withstand the high static pressures of up to 20 inches required by Boeing. Typical applications call for only six to 11 inches of static pressure.

RESULTS: The installation of Air Enterprises’ air handling system was a complete success, with the air handling unit passing all necessary deflection tests. This is a testament to the precision engineered structural casing system. The air handling unit was leak tested and passed with 0.25 percent leakage, ensuring energy savings for Boeing.