University of Texas at Austin Air Handling-The Tower

Not all air handling unit installation sites are uniform; some require access to interstitial space, while others require elevator access. Some are rectangular, while others are polygons. Still others need to be built around existing walls, pipes or columns.
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Purdue University – Smith Hall

CHALLENGE: Smith Hall at Purdue University was using inefficient air handling equipment, which was contributing to energy waste and greater air handling maintenance for the institution. With the building’s air handling system draining time and money, the university realized a change had to be made. Purdue selected Air Enterprises’ low leakage air handling units to serve Smith Hall.
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buffalo public schools

Buffalo Public Schools

CHALLENGE: Buffalo Public School 64 wanted to upgrade its air handling unit but avoid the expense of demolishing 18- to 30-inch-thick walls in its early 1900s-era school building. The challenge for Air Enterprises was to find a way to optimize space in the school’s basement area to avoid having to purchase multiple smaller air handling units. For institutional cost and energy savings, a 100 percent outside air handling unit was also needed. This would enhance building air quality for students and help minimize the institution’s energy use.
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