Air Handling Products

Air Enterprises manufactures the highest-quality air handling units available worldwide. They are designed to last the life of your building, reducing your facility’s overall maintenance and replacement costs. We offer unit evaluations and energy calculations to give your organization hard data and strategies for using more sustainable and greener air handling units.

Our product offerings include:

Energy-efficient air handling units

We offer industry-tailored air handling units designed to dramatically improve the efficiency and sustainability of your facility. In many cases, the return on investment for our air handling units is less than one year, optimizing our clients’ cost savings and providing a speedy return on investment.
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Flexible build options

Air handling units can be built on site or in the factory, giving  ultimate design and application flexibility. Air Enterprises’ products meet the highest testing and validation standards, ensuring we meet any and all unique requirements of your facility’s air handling units. The result is a streamlined installation process with less downtime for your facility.

Our single-source air handling solution includes:

  1. Consulting and needs analysis
  2. Design and engineering
  3. Manufacturing and testing
  4. Field installation advisory
  5. Parts and service

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