SiteBilt® custom air handlers are designed and built with the same high-quality casing construction and components as our factory-assembled air handling units. The difference is that they are assembled at your site location. Each of our SiteBilt® custom air handling solutions is engineered to meet the client’s specifications for:

  • Air quality
  • Current and future loads
  • Energy management
  • Long-term reliability
  • Return on investment

Architectural flexibility

We manage air with a remarkable ability to configure air systems to meet our client needs. We routinely design units that have angles, slopes, turns and stretch in whatever available dimensions exist to achieve the clients needs. We have built units that move, flex with buildings, units with 90 degree angles, corner units and multifloor units. If you can conceive of the problem we can produce the answer.

The benefits of on-site assembly

Air Enterprises’ SiteBilt® air handling units help companies reduce air handling costs while accelerating their installation. That’s because our custom air handling solutions are installed with little or no building modification – and minimal disruption.

The SiteBilt® system optimizes available mechanical space by incorporating existing columns, beams and wind-bracing into the AHU design. SiteBilt’s lightweight subassemblies and components are easily transported through doorways, hallways and elevators for assembly on site, saving our clients time and money from costly remodeling.  

On-site assembly also makes SiteBilt® custom air handling solutions ideal for:

  • Retrofit applications
  • Installations in tight, “inaccessible” spaces

One responsible party
Air Enterprises provides one sole responsible party, bringing all the tools, tasks and issues under one control. We can arrange local authorities, cranes, helicopters, barges, transport logistics, rigging, installation and startup. We are experts in extreme logistics.

All Air Enterprises field service workers are OSHA 30 Certified, ensuring the safest installation possible.