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Pharmaceutical Lab Air Handling

Pharmaceutical labs require precision engineered air handling units to meet strict airflow requirements, which are critical in avoiding equipment degradation and contamination. Our team can meet extremely  high-pressure specifications that other manufacturers won’t even consider. Air Enterprises offers integrated turnkey, single-source air handling solutions that deliver the best performance and quality with lowest total cost to pharmaceutical facilities.

Support turn down of up to 15:1
Provides necessary air volume and velocity with integrated distributed testing to support significant energy reduction based on adaptation to usage.

  • Multiple installation options
    Whether you need an on-site assembly or would like your air handling unit shipped fully assembled, we can  accommodate your needs with our FactoryBilt® and SiteBilt® replacement options.
  • High-quality, sustainable performance
    The wash-down design and non-corrosive, all-aluminum construction of Air Enterprises’ air handling units  minimizes the possibility of bacterial or fungal growth and eliminates the possibility of equipment degradation  and reduced air quality. The result is less maintenance, cost and downtime for your lab.
  • Energy Efficiency and Green Commitment
    Air Enterprises’ air handling solutions are leading the charge in high efficiency, low CO2, life cycle reduction. Utilizing best in the industry practices, leading subsystems, NEMA premium efficiency motors, high efficiency fans, low pressure drop filtration, low leakage casings and many more features make us a natural choice.
  • Total Life Cycle Cost Analysis & Value Engineering
    Multi stage filtration, total cost of ownership modeling and energy efficiency analysis underpin our design in working through threat assessment and mitigation options.
  • Testing, Commissioning & Training
    Air Enterprises can provide complete testing and commissioning processes including re-commissioning and life cycle inspection services to ensure continued protection. Training is requisite to maintenance of continued protective state. We can provide comprehensive onsite training and procedures.

Air filtration

We provide air filtration to remove aerosol contaminants from the air, and air cleaning to the removal of gases or vapors from the air. Airborne contaminants are gases, vapors, or aerosols (small solid and liquid particles). Sorbent and mechanical combinations can be provided. A complete range of HEPA and on demand radial HEPA, gas phase V-Bed filtration with activated carbon, silica gel, activated alumina, zeolites, molecular sieves, synthetic polymeric sorbents available.

  • Mechanical Filtration
    Arrestance and standard rate particle size efficiency supplied up to Merv 20 providing up to 99.9999% arrestance of .3 to 1 micron particulates suitable for clean room, chemical, biological, and virus filtration for personnel protection, shelter in place and related needs.
  • Electrostatic Filtration & Pre-Filtration
    Electrostatic and/or disposable pre-filtration may be combined with mechanical and gas phase filtration for a layered removal.
  • Gas Phase Filtration
    We supply a complete range of sorbent filters providing both chemical and physical adsorption. Activated carbon, silica gel, activated alumina, zeolites, molecular sieves, synthetic polymeric sorbents available. We integrate energy efficient regeneration of non-chemically active sorbents.
  • Gaseous Detection
    We can provide a complete range of gaseous detection systems and integrated control designs.

Energy recovery for pharmaceutical labs
Air Enterprises is an expert in the design and construction of specialized air handling systems for lab energy recovery systems. LER can substantially reduce the mechanical heating and cooling requirements associated with conditioning ventilation air in most laboratories. Laboratories typically require 100% outside air at high ventilation rates— between 6 and 15 air changes per hour—primarily for safety reasons. The heating and cooling energy needed to condition this air, as well as the fan energy needed to move it, is 5 to 10 times greater than the amount of energy used in most offices for those purposes. Heating and cooling systems can be downsized when energy recovery is used, because energy recovery systems reduce peak heating and cooling requirements.

Dessicant Dryers 

Air Enterprises is an expert in the design and construction of industrial desiccant dryer systems and integrated air handlers with filtration for EPA Compliance where required. A desiccant HVAC system is an air-conditioning system that regulates water vapor (humidity) levels in the air using an adsorbent material (desiccant). These systems are drawing attention as humidification and dehumidification systems because they can control humidity and temperature independently, and can help conserve energy by utilizing waste heat.

Low temperature desiccant dehumidification uses an adsorbent material that features the ability to adsorb and release (regenerate) water vapor at low temperatures.

We have extensive experience with active and passive desiccant thermal wheels combined with our advanced air handling design and sophisticated filtration.  Potential applications include factories requiring humidity control, such as factories for lithium-ion batteries, semiconductors, and food, as well as cold and frozen-storage warehouses requiring defrosting measures.

For more than 40 years, Air Enterprises has partnered with some of the most effective pharmaceutical facilities in the world, including Eli Lilly, Bausch & Lomb, Pfizer, Bristol Myers-Squibb and GlaskoSmithKline.

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