Airport Air Handling


Airport Air Handling

Air Enterprises is an expert in the design and construction of highly energy efficient air handler systems with integrated heat recovery for large airport applications. Our experience in large unit air handler design coupled with our energy efficiency technologies allow us to bring significant life cycle savings to organizations. We are an ideal partner for sustainability for airport authorities.

Green design, total cost of ownership, and a rigorous commitment to long life trouble free design with in house energy efficiency technology and a lifetime guarantees are the hallmark of Air Enterprises designs.

We have extensive experience with energy wheels and advanced air handling design and sophisticated filtration.  We are the airport authority for efficient air handling.

  • Specialized Rigging and Deployment
    We support factory testing and commissioning, eliminating competing space and time pressures on large complex jobs. We provide logistics; transport and rigging that ensure rapid easy installation. We design for the job.
  • Energy Efficiency and Green Commitment
    Air Enterprises solutions are leading the charge in high efficiency, low CO2, life cycle reduction. Utilizing best in the industry practices, leading subsystems, NEMA high efficiency motors, high efficiency fans, low pressure drop filtration, low leakage casings and many more features make us a natural choice.
  • Total Life Cycle Cost Analysis & Value Engineering
    Multi stage filtration, total cost of ownership modeling and energy efficiency analysis underpin our design in working through threat assessment and mitigation options.
  • Testing, Commissioning & Training
    Air Enterprises provides complete testing and commissioning processes including re-commissioning and life cycle inspection services to ensure continued protection. Training is requisite to maintenance of continued protective state. We provide comprehensive onsite training and procedures.

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