Air Handling for Paint Booth, Baking, and Curing

Paint Booth

Air replacement systems for paint booth, baking, and curing systems

Air Enterprises is an expert in the design and construction of air replacement systems with integrated heat recovery for industrial applications. Air replacement systems replace contaminated air exhausted from industrial and commercial buildings or spray booths, with fresh, heated outdoor air, maintaining a constant leaving-air temperature regardless of the incoming, outdoor-air temperature. Air replacement systems replenish equal amounts of fresh air for each cubic foot of air exhausted. Recirculation air flow integration is provided with variable as required.

We have extensive success in paint booth, baking, and curing systems utilizing sensible thermal wheels combined with advanced air handling design and sophisticated filtration.

A spray booth removes significant quantities of plant air. A typical 10’ x 8’ x 12’ spray booth may exhaust more than 16,000 cubic feet of air per minute. An air replacement system supplies conditioned and filtered air to the booth, minimizing temperature variations and removing particulates that compromise finish quality.

In the case of pressurized spray booths, air replacement is (re)-introduced directly into the spray booth. This allows for greater control over the temperature and filtration quality in both the facility and the spray booth environment lowering operating costs.

In all cases integrated purge and cleaning systems for a variety of Industrial applications as well as gaseous and particulate emission filtration for exhaust air and recirculation and intake air streams.

  • Energy Efficiency and Green Commitment
    Air Enterprises solutions are leading the charge in high efficiency, low CO2, life cycle reduction. Utilizing best in the industry practices, leading subsystems, NEMA premium efficiency motors, high efficiency fans, low pressure drop filtration, low leakage casings and many more features make us a natural choice.
  • Total Life Cycle Cost Analysis & Value Engineering
    Multi stage filtration, total cost of ownership modeling and energy efficiency analysis underpin our design in working through threat assessment and mitigation options.
  • Testing, Commissioning & Training
    Air Enterprises can provide complete testing and commissioning processes including re-commissioning and life cycle inspection services to ensure continued protection. Training is requisite to maintenance of continued protective state. We can provide comprehensive onsite training and procedures.