Lowest Total Cost

Air Handling Lowest Total Cost

Sustainable philosophies over time not only make for a healthier planet
but also for a better bottom line. 

By offering air handling and energy recovery devices designed to last the life of your building, Air Enterprises offers the true lowest cost solution. Our equipment is designed for high efficiency performance and low maintenance leaving operating capital to be utilized elsewhere.

Air Enterprises is proud to partner with organizations that are focused on improving their carbon footprint and controlling their total cost through green air handling and energy recovery. We offer unit evaluations and energy calculations to give your organization hard data and strategies for using more sustainable, greener air handling units and energy recovery systems. In addition, our products are designed and warrantied to last the life of your building. Now that’s sustainable.

Low Leakage Air Handlers 
Our construction method ensures that air handlers operate at the lowest leakage levels in the business. We design at less that 0.5 percent leakage air volume at peak airflow while at 15 inches water column. Double knife-edge opposing seals, butyl sealant and expanded infill result in a perfect sealing system against leakage and energy loss. High quality insulation accompanied by chemical and mechanical fasteners are used throughout. Integrated thermal break construction provides ideal condensation control.  Low leakage means lowest total cost of ownership. Learn more about our SiteBilt® process.