Low Leakage by Design


Low Leakage Air Handling

Low air and vapor leakage are inherent in the design of Air Enterprises’ air handling units. Our leak-resistant casing and base construction provide the lowest leakage rates in the industry — guaranteed less than 0.5 percent of delivered volume at design pressures. All componentry for our low leakage air handlers is also mounted via integral casing supports to prevent any penetration of the casing or base system.

The benefits of low leakage air handlers

Low leakage air handlers will help your facility lower operational costs, reduce maintenance and enhance the integrity of conditioned air. Air quality is never compromised.

Air leakage is commonly found around air handling access doors. Air Enterprises’ low leakage air handlers provide an exclusive double-bevel air seal design, ensuring leak-tight closure and significantly improved door gasket life. This double seal reduces air leakage to virtually zero.

Our design offers:

  • Twice the gasketed surface area of traditional single gasket design
  • No pinching and rubbing of gasket material
  • Tight compression seal during unit operation
  • Thermal Break

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