Custom Air Handling Units


Custom Air Handling Units

Air handling units designed and engineered unlike any other

Take a good look into any Air Enterprises air handling unit and you’ll find every component and assembly is designed to promote optimum efficiency, eliminate unnecessary maintenance requirements, last and perform beyond your expectations.

The difference in our air handling units is a lightweight, all-aluminum panel design and fabrication that deliver maximum durability and ultra low air leakage (<0.5%). Our total AHU solution incorporates precise fit-and-finish of all structural elements of casing design, combined with top-rated fans, motors, controls and other components – all of which are worthy of the Air Enterprises name.

Learn More about our Capabilities:

Custom Air Handlers Built on Site with SiteBilt®
FactoryBilt® Factory Fabricated Air Handlers

See why AHU quality is in our DNA:

  1. Aluminum Base
  2. Low Leakage
  3. Wash-Down Construction
  4. Access Doors
  5. Fan Design
  6. IAQ Drain Pan
  7. Integral Support Mullion
  8. Thermal Break
  9. Casing Integrity
  10. Service Panels