Genzyme Biotech Research Laboratory

Two Air Enterprises’ AHUs and four Energy Recovery Wheels installed in Genzyme Biotech Research Laboratory, Boston

CHALLENGE: Genzyme’s eight-story bio-chemical research laboratory was operating with outdated air handling equipment. Mechanical rooms on eight hospital floors needed air handling unit upgrades. There was an urgent need to improve ventilation, meet current codes and save on air handling costs for research labs.

SOLUTION:  Air Enterprises designed a new sustainable air handling solution for the research labs with an energy recovery ventilation system to consolidate exhaust air from all floors on the lab’s roof – a total 320,000 CFM of air. The system consisted of:

  • Two Air Enterprises air handling units (each 48’W x 52’L x 25’H)
  • Each air handling unit houses two enthalpy energy recovery wheels, with each wheel handling 80,000 CFM
  • Eight Strobic Air exhaust fans centered between the two Air Enterprises air handling units

Units were built on stainless steel housings, with antibacterial, anti-mold coating on the all-aluminum rotor structure.

RESULTS: The air handling solution was extremely successful for the research lab. Startup testing also showed zero panel leakage in the air handling units and full functionality of all components. Field carryover tests later verified no measurable carryover. Energy recovery performance and efficiency will generate annual energy savings exceeding $767,000 for the client. The unit was tested on site and recorded less than 0.5 percent leakage. The field test assures the owner of long-term energy savings on its air handling unit and overall system.