Sanford Burnham



CHALLENGE: Sanford Burnham had significant design considerations when selecting an air handling system for its research lab space. The lab had very little access for the equipment to be installed, and the air handling unit had to fit in with the existing boiler room.

In addition to the challenge of limited access, the lab is located near the Pacific Ocean, subjecting the air handling unit to heavy marine moisture for the majority of the year. Common galvanized steel units would not survive the corrosive environment for more than five to 10 years, with added maintenance and replacement costs. Sanford Burnham sought the help of Air Enterprises to identify an effective solution.

Sanford coast

SOLUTION: Air Enterprises presented the best solution for providing air handling to Sanford’s critical space with a custom, all-aluminum air handling unit. The air handling unit was transported component by component through the only access to the lab — a narrow set of stairs. Sanford found the SiteBilt® system much easier to install than the three-piece wall system it had used on previous projects.

RESULTS: Air Enterprises was able to custom engineer Sanford’s air handling unit to accommodate the existing boiler room and avoid conflicts with piping and room layout. The client was extremely pleased with the quality of air handling for its research lab, as well as the efficient installation process, which allowed the lab to avoid costly remodeling.