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Commercial, Institutional, Industrial and Mission Critical Air Handling

Uncompromising quality, custom air handling designs and proof of performance have made Air Enterprises a leading supplier of commercial, institutional, industrial and mission critical air handling solutions in North America and worldwide.

Since Air Enterprises was founded, our company has installed thousands of air handling units for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications, including new construction and replacement. We continue to set a global standard for high-performing AHUs today.

We offer unit evaluations and energy calculations to give your organization hard data and strategies for using more sustainable, greener air handling units and energy recovery systems.

  • Low Leakage Air Handlers 
    Our construction method ensures that air handlers operate at the lowest leakage levels in the business. We design at less that 0.5 percent leakage air volume at peak airflow while at 15 inches water column. Double knife-edge opposing seals, butyl sealant and expanded infill result in a perfect sealing system against leakage and energy loss. High quality insulation accompanied by chemical and mechanical fasteners are used throughout. Integrated thermal break construction provides ideal condensation control.  Low leakage means lowest total cost of ownership.
  • KyotoCooling®  for Data Centers
    For 92 percent of the land surface of the planet, the operational cost with KyotoCooling® is lower than that of alternative designs. We achieve better than 90 percent efficiency in economization without resorting to elevated supply temperatures or unreasonable return temperature assumptions. This results in significant operational savings over the lifecycle; future proofing the data center and decision making for large capital builds. Learn more about low total cost solutions for data centers.
  • Heat Recovery for Industrial Dryers
    Thermodry™ is a sophisticated yet simple heat recovery system that captures typically exhausted, high temperature exhaust air from the dryer to preheat the makeup air back to the dryer. Learn more about how it works.

Some popular applications for Air Enterprises’ air handling solutions include:

  • Make-up air
  • Mission Critical
  • Rooftop
  • Economizer
  • Energy-recovery systems
  • Recirculation and exhaust air
  • Desiccant dehumidification systems (for all types of filtration)